Grevillea Care Services is founded by Vicky Suson out of her passion and commitment towards assisting people with special need to live a quality life to the full.

Her many years of experiences as a Disability Support Worker, Registered Nurse and an Aged Care Proprietor has brought with her variety of tremendous optimism about individual care in their collective community to engage and participate without prejudice and hesitation.

Of course, we pay tribute to the many individuals that have contributed to Grevillea Care Services from start until today.  “I am humble and heartfully recognise their undying support”.

Vicky Suson
Company Director


Our company is a family governed organisation which values and respects the rights, responsibilities and aspirations of people with a disability, while promoting maximum participation and inclusion in the community with a focus on living a life with choice.


People with disability have the same rights and responsibilities as their fellow citizens. We believe we can make a difference in individuals with disability or delayed development by supporting them in their choices, in reaching their own personal goals, in making friends, learning to participate in work and engage in activities of interest.

Grevillea Care Services recognises that each person is unique and deserves respect and dignity enabling them to have the freedom to be included and become a valued member of their community.

I choose not to place ‘DIS’, in my ability.

― Robert M. Hensel